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E-waste - 21st Century Challenge

Why should you Recycle - E-waste?  Save The Earth
By means ofcallwe allunderstandwhat isE-waste , however we in no waymove in detail. while we purchase any product made with plastic or metals , no oneconsiderwhat's going tooccur after it wears out!
When we ought toopt for Proper E-waste Management!

Natural resources - It conservenaturalsources at highstage. Non recycling of any electronics product can motive very dangerseffect over herbal surrounding.

Valuable materials - Instead of throwing any computer hardware , electronics , if we recycle them  we can get valuable materials which can be reuse.

Refurbished Product - Materials which we incur from E-waste , that can be use in Refurbished products and can sell it again at low price.

Reuse of whole units -  We all get bored after 3-4yrs of same product , at this time instead throwing away give that to some one who is in need. Saves landfill space - E-waste is a growing waste movement. by using recycling thoseobjects, landfill area is c…